What is the ETC?

The European Team Championship (ETC) is an international team wargaming event for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Warhammer 40K and Flames of War gaming universes. Although the name of the even contains the word “European”, the ETC is much larger than that. For instance, in 2015. in Prague the team lists included the following countries: USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia in addition to the countries from all over Europe, with 32 countries in total. Every country is represented by a team of eight or six players (depending on game) and the winner is the team that after five games manages to gather the highest number of points. Traditionally, the ETC takes place every year in the second week of August and it lasts three days.

How does the ETC work?

The basic principle of the ETC, stated also in the first article of the ETC Charter*, is that it is an event “created for the players, by the players”. In other words, the ETC is a product of the work of the whole international community of dedicated enthousiasts and hobbyists. During the year, besides training for the championship, all teams choose a captain who will represent them in the community. Together, the captains take decisions regarding the format of the event, the rules and the hosting country of ETC. In fact, one peculiar fact about the ETC is that it does not always take place in the same city. Every year, each country can propose a bid for the event and the one that receives most votes by the captains becomes the official hosting country for that year. All discussion concerning hosting countries, game rules and other issues takes place on this forum. http://warhammer.org.uk/

Apart from the players and their captains, the ETC community also has six chairmen, two for every game, that are in charge of supporting the event organizers, mediating between the organizers and the players, and dealing with day-to-day issues such as moderating the forum, setting up votes and so on.

Why is the ETC an awesome event?
ETC 2014, Novi Sad, Serbia

Although ETC players come from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, there is one thing that unites them all: passion for wargaming. ETC players will spend five hours, or even more, painting one single miniature. ETC players will go on training days with their teammates, although they are swamped with work. ETC will plan their family vacation around the second week of August. When all these people gather in a hall, somewhere in Europe, the enthousiasm is almost palpable.

(photo: ETC 2014, Novi Sad, Serbia)

The ETC gathers some of the best players in the world, it is a Grand Slam in wargaming, and thus a worthy challenge for anyone that aspires at glory and fame. Equally important, though, is the social aspect of the event. Everyone who has participated in an ETC will tell you that it is fun: you can meet interesting people from all over the world, exchange experiences and ideas, and forget about all your worries while sharing a drink in pub in Prague or Athens.
Can I be part of the ETC?

Shortly, yes. Everybody can participate in the ETC, in one of the following manners:

As a visitor: the ETC is an open event, so everyone can come and take a look at one of the greatest wargaming events in the world. Sometimes, there is a small entry fee for visitors, sometimes there is none. Either way, it will be worth your while.

As a player: If you already are a fan of wargames, then you can get involved in your local gaming club and try to get qualified for the ETC team. Alternatively, you can apply to be a mercenary, i.e. a freelance player that can be hired by another country’s team.

As a referee: Do you know really well the rules for Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K or Flames of War? Can you be assertive in heated situations? Then you might contribute to the ETC by being a referee. Get in touch with the organizators or the chairmen.

As a chairman: Active members of the ETC who would like to put in extra hours into building the community and improving the ETC can apply to become chairmen. Chairmen election take place once per year, usually in October.

As an organizer: If you think that you have the resources, the time and the will to organize an event for more then 600 people, you are welcome to propose a bid. All the bids are gathered two year in advance, e.g. in 2015. for 2017, and voting takes place in December.

As a sponsor: The ETC community strives at making the event as affordable as possible, which is why help of any kind is more than welcome. Sponsoring can come in the form of: awards (e.g. miniatures, trophys, painting equipment), sponsoring of a team (T-shirts, dice, travel, accommodation…) and of course, any financial donations that will lower the cost of the event .


ETC 2006 – Poland, the first ETC ever

ETC 2007 – Poland

ETC 2008 – Italy

ETC 2009 – Germany

ETC 2010 – Germany, the ESC is incorporated

ETC 2011 – Switzerland

ETC 2012 – Poland, FOW joins the ETC

ETC 2013 – Serbia; video

ETC 2014 – Serbia, our ETC brand is consolidated

ETC 2015 – Prague

ETC 2016 – Athens